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What is an Australian Mountain Doodle?

An Australian Mountain Doodle is a cross between a Poodle, Australian Shepherd, and Bernese Mountain Dog. Each breed brings it's own unique traits, which allows us to offer the best family companion. Poodles offer intelligence, grace, and a hypoallergenic coat. The laid back and gentle  Bernese Mountain dog balances out the high energy of an Australian Shepherd without compromising the Aussies intelligence and obliging personality. The Aussie and Poodle also assists in extending the lifespan lacking in Bernese genetics. Last, the Australian Shepherd genetics provide us with phenomenal merle coats.  

What to expect?

Our medium Australian Mountain Doodles average between forty to sixty five pounds. Standard Australian Mountain Doodles will weight greater than seventy pounds. Coats can vary between straight, wavy, or curly depending on parentage and generation. Due to the nature of their coat they do require frequent brushing . If the coat is kept trimmed it is more easily maintained. In addition to brushing, you can expect to have your AMD groomed every six to eight weeks in order to keep their coat free of matting. Coat colors come in a large variety including merle, phantom, and tricolor. In our program we breed for low to medium energy family pets. Daily walks and exercise are necessary to prevent your pet from becoming destructive, but overall they are suited for life in the home and are their happiest when close to their people whether that's lounging at home or hiking through trails. 

Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Each year we produce a few litters that produce unfurnished pups. These are pups who lack the typical long eyebrows, mustache, and longer facial hair doodles are famous for. Instead your pup will resemble their Australian Shepherd or Bernese Mountain Dog great grandparents. Why you ask? Some prefer less coat maintenance, which comes with an unfurnished pup. Others love the Bernese Mountain Dog but want a pup with more longevity, as Bernese Mountain Dogs typically have a lifespan of only six to eight years. When combined with a poodle this number can climb to ten to twelve years. Some just prefer the way they look. Whatever the reason they are here to stay! 

*We coat test all puppies prior to pick day to ensure you are informed regarding each puppy's furnishing status. 

Do AMD make good family pets?

So much time was spent on my part trying to find the perfect dog to bring into our home of four young boys. I agonized over the decision until I came across the Australian Mountain Doodle. The breed checked every box on my list. Hypoallergenic, intelligent, low to medium drive, amicable personality, along with the need to be with their people. The breed couldn't have met our needs any better. After discovering this fairly new cross I became obsessed with finding the perfect new family member, but was disappointed in the lack of quality family breeders. Hence, I decided to pursue my passion for animals and begin my own program to fill the void. Nothing has brought my family more joy than the furry family members we've gained along the way. 

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How much does a puppy cost?


$500.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy. 

All puppies sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.

Military Discount 10%

Phantom/ Tri-color $3,000

Merle/Red $3,500

What does my puppy come with?

Each puppy comes with a two year health guarantee. He/she will be up to date on vaccinations and deworming. Puppies are also microchipped prior to going to their forever home. A comprehensive health record is provided upon pickup. We also provide a blanket with mom and sibling scent. Puppies are ready for their new homes at eight weeks of age. 

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How are puppies raised?

Our breeding stock is part of our family or raised in a guardian home. They can usually be found on the couch with us or tagging along with the boys out in the yard. We believe it is important they are raised as family members in order to promote these qualities in their puppies. We raise limited litters each year in our home, where each mother is provided her own whelping space. When puppies are just three days old we begin early neurological stimulation and early scent introduction, followed by puppy culture. These actions help our puppies to be well rounded family and service pets.  

How do I choose my puppy?

Puppies are placed in the order deposits are received. Although we do not pick your puppy for you, we do offer advice based on what you are looking for in your companion. Puppies undergo a temperament test, which allows us to give feedback regarding how they might fit into your lifestyle. It is important to understand puppy temperament can change overtime based on the way they are raised, trained, and socialized once they reach their forever home. We do not offer in-home visits at this time except for on scheduled pick-up days. 

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