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Chocolate merle Australian Mountain Doodle

Maple | Mabel & Walter

There has never, in all the world, been a better dog than Maple! She is as gentle as she is brilliant, as happy to be dirty as she is to be clean, is content to explore on her own or party with the family... her bear-size paws are outpaced only by her huge joy. She is learning to love our chickens without tendencies to assassinate them, and she almost always rides happily in the bed of our truck or ATV. She sleeps with all of us, whoever she determines needs the most "protection" on any given day.She is thriving in her new role as the "first dog" of Roanoke College.  What a gift you have brought into this world.


Juniper | Tulip & Benny

Juni truly is the perfect pup so sweet and gentle, funny and kind, and has been incredibly easy to train. Everyone who meets her or sees her on the street is struck by how well behaved she is for such a young pup. I don't know how we got so lucky but thank you thank you! Our experience with this breed has blown us away.... so we will definitely be in touch when we are ready for another. 

Marin & Fernando

Blue merle phantom Australian Mountain Doodle
Chocolate Tri Australian Mountain Doodle

Murphy | Mabel & Walter

First of all, we could not be more happy with Murphy. He is literally the perfect fit for our family. His temperament has been exactly as you described. He is laid back, loyal, smart, affectionate, and great with our kids. He loves nothing more than being with "his people." He has been easy to train and motivated to learn. 

I loved how concerned you were about us getting the right puppy for our family and not feeling pressure to choose one. You guys went above and beyond to help arrange pick up in Kansas City. It made our trip back much smoother to not have to be on the road so long. 

Once again, thanks for everything! You guys breed the most wonderful dogs and perfect family pets! We could not be more thrilled with Murphy and all the joy he brings to our family.


Norm | Mabel & Walter

Norm is a dream come true! Such a sweet and smart pup. He learned 6 commands this week and is the best snuggler. We are obsessed with him. Everyday we feel so grateful that we were able to find a dog with such an amazing temperament, who is also easy on the eyes! 


Blue merle Australian Mountain Doodle
Blue Merel Australian Mountain Doodle

Benny | Tulip & Benny

We love him so much and can't thank you enough!! He's perfect in every way and is even better than we could have imagined! Everyone comments as to how sweet and calm natured he is. We couldn't ask for a better pup!


Allie & Eric 

Buffett | Tulip & Benny

Today marks exactly one year since I picked up Buffett and what a year it has been! He has brought absolute joy into our lives and enriched us with love beyond measure. Thank you for giving the world the sweetest, most loving creatures there are. I wake up every day looking forward to the love I get from my sweet, sweet Buffy Boo. 


Blue Merle Australian Mountain Doodle
Blue Merle Australian Mountain Doodle

Dutch | Tulip & Clark

Brick House Farm Doodles was amazing to work with! They are extremely responsive and make sure to be available to you for any questions you have along the way. They are very accommodating and the best parts is, of course, the adorable puppies! Our puppy is fitting in just perfect with our family. He loves my nieces and is so sweet with them! Can't wait to see him grow!


Django | Mabel & Walter

He is a gentle, smart boy seeking to please and be with us all the time! The trainer was amazed at how good he is already doing, plus how much he enjoys working/learning new things/pleasing us. I must admit it is hard to go unnoticed when walking him outside. He has earned the title of "the cutest puppy ever" or some variation of that, multiple times. He loves people and I am often kidding he suddenly fell into dog therapy -meaning that he is helping many people that ask me to pet or even cuddle him. He puts a smile daily on strangers faces. 


Chocolate Merle Australian Mountain Doodle
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